MCP2515 CAN Interface controller / Bus Module with TJA1050 Transceiver

MCP2515 CAN Interface controller / Bus Module with TJA1050 Transceiver

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MCP2515 Interface Controller Module - (High Quality)
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Product Description

MCP2515 Interface Controller Module - (High Quality)


Simple CAN bus module controlled via SPI Interface module. It contains CAN Controller MCP2515 and TJA1050 which is a high speed CAN trans-receiver. This module can be easily interfaced to any microcontroller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc via SPI Interface.


  • Support CAN V2.0B technical standard, communication rate : 1Mb/S.
  • Use High-speed CAN transceiver : TJA1050
  • Dimension: 40×28mm
  • SPI control for expand Multi CAN bus interface
  • Crystal oscillator: 8MHZ 
  • Terminal resistance: 120Ω
  • Module 5V DC power supply.
  • 0 to 8 bytes long data field.
  • Impedance matching, guaranteed drive capability, long-distance data transmission, prevent signal radiation
  • The working current: typical 5mA, standby current 1 microamp. Except for the power indicator.
  • Use serial port could view the communication data
  • With the independent key, LED indicator, Power indicator
  • With power pin
  • Standard frames, extended frames, and remote frames.
  • Positioning screw hole center spacing 23 mm x 38 mm
  • .

Pin Details

  • VCC :5V power input pin
  • GND : power ground pin
  • CS : SPI SLAVE select pin (Active low)
  • SO : SPI master input slave output lead
  • SI : SPI master output slave input lead
  • SCLK: SPI clock pin
  • INT: MCP2515 interrupt pin

Package includes:

1X MCP2515 Module Board (High quality)

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