• 360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module [High Quality] - (Compatible with Arduino)
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360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module [High Quality] - (Compatible with Arduino)

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360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module


A 360 Degree Rotary Encoder is a BreadBoard Friendly extremely precise module that provides an indication of how much the knob has been rotated AND what direction it is rotating in. It is an incremental electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to digital code. The output of incremental encoders provides information about the motion of the shaft, which is typically further processed in processor / controllers into information such as speed, distance, and position. 

It’s a great device for stepper and servo motor control.  You could also use it to control devices like digital potentiometers.


  • Incremental Encoder
  • Supply Voltage: 3-5V
  • Left/Right rotary output pulse, each circle with 20 pulse
  • Built in 10k resistor
  • Cycles per revolution (CPR): 20


  • Model :KY-040
  • Encoder Type :Incremental
  • Cycles Per Revolution (CPR):20
  • Operating Voltage (VDC) :5
  • PCB Hole Diameter(mm) :2.75
  • PCB Hole pitch distance(mm) :13.75
  • Length (mm)                        :32
  • Width (mm)                        :19
  • Height (mm)                        :30
  • Weight (gm)                        :10

Package Includes:

1 x Rotary Encoder Module

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