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DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board)

₹135.00 ₹149.00

DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board) Description The new DS1307 Real Time Clock Mini Board is a compact, easy to control Real Time Clock, ideal for use when setting up a real-time control system or for use when date stamping is required for various monitoring applications.  This is a custom designed module for the DS13..


RF Encoder Decoder - (Tx-Rx) Module Board [High Quality]

₹159.01 ₹180.00

RF Encode + Decoder Module Boards (set) Feature Easy interfacing with the RF modules, using the female headers for placing the modules. Breakout pins for connecting to the microcontroller. DIP Switch for Address Selection (when multiple modules are used at one location) Status LED for valid transmit. Supports bot..


RF Transmitter & Receiver - 433 MHz (ASK)

₹245.00 ₹285.01

RF Transmitter & Reciever - 433Mhz (ASK) Transmitter   This is an ideal for remote control applications where low cost and longer range is required. The transmitter operates from a 3-12V supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. The transmitter employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency con..


3.3v - Voltage regulator module 1A - Power Supply Board AMS117


Voltage Regulator Module 3.3V / 1A : AMS1117 Regulator Description Positive power supply board. Its basically takes an input of 4.3-15V DC and outputs a constant voltage of 3.3V. It can supply a maximum of 1A of current at 3.3V.   The board comes with appropriate rectification, filtering circuit, a power indication LED and moun..


5v - Power Supply Board


Positive Power Supply Board - 5V Description Positive power supply board. Its basically takes an input of 7-20V AC or DC and outputs a constant voltage of 5V. It can supply a maximum of 1A of current at 5V.   The board comes with appropriate rectification, filtering circuit, a power indication LED and mounting holes for easy mo..

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Arduino NANO R3 / V3.0 Development Board - Clone Compatible module (Clone - High Quality)

₹300.90 ₹649.00

Arduino NANO Module 3.0 board - Atmega 328P smd [with Cable] A Atmega 328 SMD micro-controller used open source embedded development board an opensource smallest module board. Surface mount board which is compatible with breadboard (breadboard friendly), integrated with mini USB port. DC power can be given through mini USB cable provided al..


Bluetooth Module - HC-05/06 Device

₹305.40 ₹449.00

Bluetooth Module - HC-05 This Bluetooth Module board (breakout) is a latest wireless transceiver board. HC-05 or HC-06 modules uses standard version of bluetooth connectivity. This modem work as a serial receiver and transimiter. Serial stream in the range from 9600 to 115200 bps.   The board / unit can be powered from 3.3v upto 6v..


CP2102 - USB-TTL UART Module Board Serial Convertor


CP2102 - USB-TTL UART Module Board Serial Convertor CP2102(5-pin) USB 2.0 to TTL UART serial converter module is a great little tool for embedded systems that require a serial connection to a computer. The board can simply attach to a USB bus and will appear as a standard COM port.   Specifications & Features Stable and re..


L293D Motor Driver Board with 7805 Power Supply


L293D Motor Driver/Interface Board with 7805 Power supply General Description This module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving DC motors and Stepper motors. It uses the popular L293D H-bridge motor driver IC. It can drive 4 DC motors in one direction, or drive 2 DC motors in both the directions with speed control. The driv..


Motor Driver Board - L298


L298N - Dual full-Bridge Motor Driver [Original] General Description This L298 46V, 2A Stepper Motor / Dual DC Motor Driver module can drive bipolar stepper motor or Two DC motors at the same time. Each L298 has two H-Bridges. Each H-Bridge can supply 2Amp. current. L298 has heat sink for better heat dissipation and flyback diodes for p..


TP4056 - Battery Charging Module : Li-ion board (5V / 1A)


Lithium Polymer (Li-po) Battery charger module : TP4056 TP4056 module is a miniature battery charger based on the TP4056 integrated circuit. It is ideal for adding an embedded battery charger to your new project.   Specificaitons & Features Adjustable charging current (max 1 A) Input voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5..


Uno Based on Arduino Uno R3 with USB cable (Clone - High Quality)

₹454.30 ₹549.00

Compatible Development Board  Atmega 328P [with Cable] The Arduino Uno R3 is a development board based on the ATmega328 ."Uno" means one in Italian and is named to mark the release of Arduino 1.0. It has 14 digital input/output pins , 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a res..


XBee 2mW Wire Antenna - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh) [Original - Free Shipping]

₹1,000.00 ₹1,200.00

XBee Module ZB Series 2 C - 2mW with Wire Antenna - XB24-Z7WIT-004 [High Quality] This is the XBee XB24-Z7WIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 improves on the power output and data protocol. Series 2 modules allow you to create complex mesh networks based on the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware. These modules allow a very reliable and simple comm..


XBee Arduino Shield [High Quality]


XBee Arduino SHield - Evoluation Board (xbee module not included) The Xbee shield allows an Arduino board to communicate wirelessly using Zigbee. It is based on the Xbee module from Digi (formerly MaxStream). The shield can be used as a serial/usb replacement or you can put it into a command mode and configure it for a variety of broadcast ..


XBee explorer USB [High Quality]


XBee Base Board USB interfacing board (Breakout Board) [xbee module not included] XBee Adapter is a compact USB to serial adapter equipped with BEE (20pin 2.0mm) sockets. With integrated FT232RL IC, It can be used for programming or communicating with board which basic Arduino but without USB interface, like Sniffer Nano. On the other hand,..

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