10,000uF/50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (10000uf / 50 volt)

₹132.88 ₹151.36

Product Specifications 10,000uF 50V ±20% Tolerance +105°C Max Temperature Radial Electrolytic Capacitor * Image shown is a representation only...


Joystick Module - Dual Axis XY

₹45.00 ₹55.00

Joystick Module Board Dual Axis - (High Quality) Description: This is a dual axis high quality JoyStick Module . It can be used to sense movements in 2 directions(axes). It also has a inbuilt switch which can be activated by pressing the stick.Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis. Pots are ~10k each.&nbs..


Solid State Relay - SDD/SDP 5A - 60 VDC

₹325.00 ₹346.10

Solid State Relay 5A -Input 3 to 32V DC - Load 5A 60V DC [High Quality] Solid state relays have no moveable contacts. The primary advantage over a mechanical relay is that there are no switching contacts to physically wear out. PCB mount Solid State Relays are an excellent choice for high frequency switching applications in Factory Automat..


5V 1A power supply board - SMPS - PCB AC to DC

₹89.00 ₹120.00

5V Switch Power Supply Module - AC to DC (High Quality)This is a simple power supply board to step down power from 220v to 5V and convert to DC. The circuit can take a load of 1A max and supplies continuous power as it is made of SMPS circuit.This module comes with wire soldered so that it can be directly connected to various circuits. It..


Solder Wire Pack [60/40] 22swg- 100Gm (High Quality)

₹215.00 ₹240.00

Solder Wire - Pack 100Gm Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering. High quality Solder wire with 22swg gauges, alloy 60% TIN (Sn) + 40% Lead (pb)Specifications Wholesale solder wire (Industrial Use)Material : Tin: 60% + Lead 40% Type: Wire 22 swgWeight: 100gmTemperature 183 C   *Image shown is a representation only...


USB A 2.0 Female connector / pcb type [High Quality]

₹8.47 ₹12.71

USB 2.0 PCB connector Specification & Feature Feature a nickel-plated outer shield, UL94V-0 rated thermoplastic insulator and 30µ inch gold-plated contacts Type A is the one with the rectangular cross-section, as found on PCs and Macs *Image shown is a representation only...


Jumper Wire - Female to Male (Pack of 5)

₹15.00 ₹25.00

Jumper Wire - Male to Female (Female connector at one end and Male at other end) Multipurpose use and very handy. Quick prototyping and testing excelent connector. Genrally used for connecting FRC pins, Header pins, Berg pins etc. Specification Female to Male connector Length : 18cm (approx.) Package includes: 5 x Female..


Bluetooth FM USB AUX Card MP3 Stereo Audio Player Decoder Module Kit with Remote for Audio Amplifier

₹140.00 ₹250.00

Bluetooth MP3 Decoding Board Module with SD Card Slot / USB / FM / Remote Decoding Board Module is compact size Music player which can be installed anywhere like in your vehicle, on Home Theater Speakers system. If you have an old conventional Music system without USB/AUX/Bluetooth Support, then this device will be the right choice to add these all..


Super Capacitor - 3v / 500F - Hy-Cap (High Quality)

₹589.00 ₹650.00

500F/3V Super Capacitor   Super capacitors are perfect for applications where the capacity of a standard electrolytic capacitor is too small and a rechargeable battery is bigger than needed. EDLC capacitors, also known as supercapacitors, have high power density. They are also characterized by quicker charge and discharge and long life..


JBL - 5V Bluetooth Amplifier FM USB AUX Card Wireless HI-FI Module with mic Audio Player Decoder 5W

₹129.00 ₹250.00

This is JBL Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio board with 5 Volt DC operated Bluetooth module. Allows you to play songs to your speakers directly from your phone, Compact and Small can be powered with usb wall power adapter. It support various audio connection options like USB, memory card, Bluetooth and AUX.A simple circuit board to support bluetooth audio and..


LPG Gas Sensor Module - iso-butane / propane Gas (MQ-6)

₹112.00 ₹216.10

LPG Gas Sensor Module General Description The LPG Gas sensor Module for use in Home or Factory to warn of fatal LPG build-ups. The module uses MQ-6 sensor to sense LPG leak. It's ready to run circuit with no additional circuitry. Corresponding to the concentration of the gas it provides both analog and digital output. The output interfa..


Compatible SONY home Theatre Adapter Charger - 46W 18V 2.6A [6.5mm x 4.4mm pin] - Speaker - TV

₹500.00 ₹700.00

Compatible SONY home Theatre Adapter Charger - 46W 18V 2.6A [6.5mm x 4.4mm pin]   (High Quality)This high-Quality DC 18V 2.6A 46W Output Power Adapter with AC 100-240V Input range. It is widely used for Sony Laptop and as a Switched-mode power supply (SMPS) for various devices which required 18V with a high current of up to 2.6A..


30M Copper Foil Tape with Double-Sided Conductive self adhesive- 10mm (30 meter length)

₹249.00 ₹259.00

Double-sided Conductive means both sides of this tape will carry current so whether it's soldering, grounding or minor repairs, our tape will do the job. The tape is also ideal for transformer, mobile phone, computer, PDA, PDP, and LCD monitor, PC, copier etc.Our tape has strong adhesive and is a great surface for soldering onto when creating ..


UltraSonic Distance Sensor Module (HC-SR04)

₹79.00 ₹180.00

Ultra Sonic Distance Sensor Module Description This ultrasonic sensor module can be used for measuring distance, object sensor, motion sensors etc. High sensitive module can be used with microcontroller to integrate with motion circuits to make robotic projects and other distance, postion & motion sensitive products. The module send..


MQ5 LPG - Methane Gas Sensor Module

₹99.00 ₹150.00

LPG Gas Sensor Module - MQ5 General Description This MQ-5 Methane LPG Liquid Propane Gas Sensor Module is widely used in gas leakage detecting pieces of equipment in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, natural gas, town gas, avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smokeThe MQ5 ( MQ-5 ) is used in gas l..

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