20 Watt LED White High Power 1800LM -SMD Bead Chip [20W]

₹59.90 ₹177.12

White 20W LED High Power [High Quality] Features High Brightness Low Current Consumption Large Operating Voltage Range Wide Operating Conditions Specifications DC Forward Voltage (VF) : 12V DC (2A) Intensity Luminous: 1800-2000LM DC Forward Current: Type: 2000mA Lead Soldering Temp: 260°..


3 Watt LED White [3W] with Heat Sink

₹29.66 ₹57.63

White 3W LED with heat Sink [High Quality] Features High Brightness Low Current Consumption Large Operating Voltage Range Wide Operating Conditions *Image shown is a representation only. ..


Atmega16 Microcontroller [Original]

₹151.69 ₹177.97

Atmega16 - 40Pins 16MHz 16kb 8-bit Microcontroller Features High-performance, Low-power AVR 8-bit Microcontroller Advanced RISC Architecture 131 Powerful Instructions - Most Single Clock Cycle Execution 32 x 8 General Purpose Working Registers Up to 6 MIPS Throughput at 16MHz ..


USB A 2.0 Female connector / pcb type [High Quality]

₹8.47 ₹12.71

USB 2.0 PCB connector Specification & Feature Feature a nickel-plated outer shield, UL94V-0 rated thermoplastic insulator and 30µ inch gold-plated contacts Type A is the one with the rectangular cross-section, as found on PCs and Macs *Image shown is a representation only...


Lithium : Li-poly replacement battery 7.4volt 1000mAH

₹423.73 ₹538.14

Replacement Battery 7.4V/1000mAh Li-Poly (DVD Batter) General Description This is a replacement Li-Poly battery with 7.4V and 1200mAh capacity. It can be used for airsoft and other hobby toys. These are light weight, high output power batteries Note: Please check the specification before placing order to match with your requirement like..


MINI - 3010 - 5v DC FAN 30MM X 30MM X 10MM : Brushless Cooling Fan [High Quality]

₹75.00 ₹85.00

MINI 5v DC FAN 30MM X 30MM X 10MM (3010) Generally used in system, panel box etc to keep the system cool. very effective and tiny/small size fan, can be used in various application. Runs at lowest current on 5v DC voltage with high speed rotation. Specifications Size: (30 x 30 x 10mm)  DC: 5V 0.14A. Speed: High Spee..


23AE GP 23A Car Remote Battery - MN21 A23 V23GA VR22 Alkaline Batteries 12V

₹40.68 ₹42.37

23AE - 12 V GP Alkaline Battery [Original] General Description These are generally used to power small toys, car remote battery, smoke detector, etc.. High quality & original 12v Alkaline batteries. Cylindrical Alkaline Battery for car remote are lightweight with high energy density which provides longer lasting power. Specification..


Soldering Iron (35W) - [Soldron]

₹335.00 ₹350.00

Soldering Iron (35W) - Normal Tip [SOLDRON] Generally used for most of the components soldering. Compatible with most of the soldering Iron tips. Good quality iron from Soldron with quick heating. Specifications Manufacturer : Soldron Power : 35W Tip : Normal Tip Note: Please be careful, when not in use switch of t..


HTC CM-2030 Digital AC Clamp Meter - Tester (Original)

₹1,058.47 ₹1,144.07

HTC Digital AC Clamp Meter (CM-2030) [High Quality - Original from HTC instruments] Features Clamp opens 52mm Large LCD display makes reading clear Fully protected in all ranges CE standard design, improves the safety of the test Data hold Clamp light Battery: 9Vx1   ..


12V DC Fan - 3" : Brushless Cooling Fan [High Quality]

₹76.10 ₹85.42

12Volt DC Fan - 3*3 inch Brushless Fan Generally used in system, panel box etc to keep the system cool. Specifications Size: 3 × 3-inch (80 x 80 x 25mm)  DC: 12V 0.20A. Speed: 3000 RPM Blades : 7 blade cooling fan. Very low noice Material: hard plastic. Color: black.   * Image ..


PIC12F675 Microcontroller

₹50.00 ₹63.56

PIC12F675 - Flash 8-pin 1kb 4MHz Microcontroller Fetures High-Performance RISC CPU     - Only 35 single word instructions to learn     - All instructions are single cycle (1µs) except for program branches     - Operating speed: DC - 20MHz clock input     - In..


Hilink - 5V 2A / 10W - SMPS - PCB mountable - power supply - AC to DC (HLK-10M05) [Original]

₹319.00 ₹450.00

HLK-10M05 Switch Power Supply Module - AC to DC (High Quality)HLK-10M05 5V/10W SMPS is a plastic enclosed PCB mounted isolated switching step-down AC to DC power supply module. It can supply 5V DC from the AC range of 100V AC – 240V AC and has a power rating of 10 Watt. This makes it perfect for small projects that need a 5 volt supply fr..


MJ2955 Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, General Purpose, PNP, -60 V, 800 KHz, 115 W

₹105.00 ₹110.00

MJ2055 PNP Power Transistor The MJ2955 T03 are PowerBase power transistors designed for high power audio, disk head positioners, switching and other linear applications.  Features : MJ2955 DC Current Gain − hFE = 20−70 @ IC = 4 AdcCollector−Emitter Saturation Voltage − VCE(sat) = 1.1 Vdc (Max) @ IC = 4 AdcExcellent Safe Operat..


2 Channel Relay Board - 12V

₹83.90 ₹84.75

2-Channel Relay Board [12V] This is a 2 channel relay board operates on 12V. Can be used directly to control 240V power appliance from most of the microcontrollers and other control system circuits. Perfect for switching 240V appliances like lights, fans, etc.   The board has a high quality relay, which can handle a maximum..


WIFI IOT - ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 board (compatible with Arduino)

₹259.00 ₹800.00

WIFI internet of things - Node MCU with CP2102 Development Module Board - (High Quality) Description: The ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 board has ESP8266 (12-e) which is a highly integrated chip designed for internet connected world. A complete and self-contained Wi-Fi data networking solution, allowing an implementation for wide range of application..

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