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8 Channel Relay Board - 12V
8-Channel Relay Board [12V] This is a 8 channel relay board operates on 12V. Can be used ..
Rs.335.00 Rs.320.00
8 Channel Relay Board with IR Remote control
8-Channel Relay Board with IR Remote This is a 8 channel relay board operates on 12V. Can..
Rs.550.00 Rs.535.00
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5 Watt LED White High Power 700LM [5W] - SMD
White 5W LED High Power - SMD chip [High Quality]  Features High Brightness ..
Rs.89.00 Rs.55.00
Hacksaw Frame with Blade - 6" [High Quality]
Hacksaw Frame with Blade - 6" [High Quality] Generally used for all types of cuttings, includ..
Rs.155.00 Rs.140.00
RF Encoder Decoder - (Tx-Rx) Module Board [High Quality]
RF Encode + Decoder Module Boards (set) Feature Easy interfacing with the RF modules,..
Rs.180.00 Rs.159.00
MJ15003 NPN Power Transistor + MJ15004 PNP Power Transistor
MJ15003 NPN & MJ15004 PNP (Pair) Power Transistor The MJ15003 and MJ15004 are PowerBase p..
Rs.515.00 Rs.481.00
220V/240V AC Fan - 6" : Panel Cooling Fan REXORND/UNIVOLT
Rexnord/UNIVOLT - REC21725-A2 Cooling Fan: AC 6" :Original [High Quality] Generally used in s..
Rs.849.00 Rs.825.00
UltraSonic Sensor Pair (Transmitter & Receiver) : 40khz Transducer
UltraSonic Sensor Pair (Transmitter & Receiver) : Transducer Pair Pair of Ultrasonic comp..
Rs.210.00 Rs.190.00
USB A 2.0 Female connector / pcb type [High Quality]
USB 2.0 PCB connector Specification & Feature Feature a nickel-plated outer shiel..
Rs.15.00 Rs.10.00
PIC12F675 Microcontroller
PIC12F675 - Flash 8-pin 1kb 4MHz Microcontroller Fetures High-Performance RISC..
Rs.75.00 Rs.59.00
Mini Nose Pliers (Heavy - with grip)
Mini Nose Pliers - Heavy Professional tool Nose Pliers is a must have for hobbyist or electro..
Rs.159.00 Rs.139.00
12V / 5A Power Supply 60W DC SMPS - CCTV & LED lights - High Quality
Power Supply 12V-5A DC [60W] : High Quality Description/Specification: Input Voltage:..
Rs.579.00 Rs.549.00
Solder Bar - for soldering pots
Solder Bar - for quick soldering circuits Specifications & Features Excellent wet..
Rs.540.00 Rs.520.00
300 RPM Right Angle DC Geared BO Motor Single Shaft
Right Angle BO Motor with 300 RPM plastic Geared (DC motor) for Arduino / Rasberry pi / Robotics ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
LM336Z Voltage Reference (2.5V)
LM336Z - Voltage Reference Diode 2.5V [LM336] TO-92 General Description The LM136-2.5..
Rs.12.00 Rs.9.00