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AT89C52 - 8 bit Microcontroller
AT89C52- 8 bit Microcontroller with 8k Byte Flash Features - AT89C52 Compatibl..
Rs.105.00 Rs.90.00
Long Needle Nose Pliers (Long Jaws)
Long Needle Nose Pliers - Long Jaws Generally used in electronics wire work and jewellery wor..
Rs.199.00 Rs.125.00
Electronic Starter Kit - 1 (Hobby Kit) - [864 parts] : Free Shipping
Electronic Starter Kit - EC1 Complete kit for getting started and a must have electronics ite..
Rs.1,592.00 Rs.1,499.00
15,000uF/50V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (15000uf / 50 volt)
Product Specifications 15,000uF 50V ±20% Tolerance +105°C Max Temperatu..
Rs.145.00 Rs.135.00
300 RPM Right Angle DC Geared BO Motor Single Shaft/Double shaft
Right Angle BO Motor with 300 RPM plastic Geared (DC motor) for Arduino / Rasberry pi / Robotics ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
AVR USB Programmer
AVR USB USB Programmer General Description UAVR USB programmer is an in-circuit pogrammer..
Rs.750.00 Rs.650.00
PCB Drill Bits - 1mm
PCB Drill Bits - 1mm Generally used for drilling pcb boards. Compatible with all kinds of PCB..
Rs.15.00 Rs.12.00
SEFUSE Thermal Cutoffs Fuse - SF226E-227*C / 10A - 250V
Thermal Fuse SF226E equivalent to NTE8226 227*C Specifications 10Amp 250VAC ..
Rs.100.00 Rs.70.00
LPG Gas Sensor Module
LPG Gas Sensor Module General Description The LPG Gas sensor Module for use in Home o..
Rs.255.00 Rs.159.00
Wish: Breadboard - WB-102 - [High Quality]
Wish Breadboard - WB-102 [Original] General Description A breadboard (protoboard) is a co..
Rs.220.00 Rs.175.00
PC817 - High Density Photocoupler
PC817 - High Density Photocoupler (EL817- 817)   Features Current transfer r..
Rs.8.00 Rs.6.50
IC Puller : Extraction tool - High Quality
High Quality IC Extraction Tool - [IC puller] Generally used for removing IC from socket and ..
Rs.58.00 Rs.48.00
Magnifier 3X with 5LED and UV Currency Detector
3X Magnifying Glass with LED & UV Currency Detector This is the most comfortable hand-hel..
Rs.599.00 Rs.529.00
Group of 10 Types of Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (50 Nos)
Mixed Radial Capacitor : 10 Types (Each 5 piece) Essential capacitor for all basic & adva..
Rs.135.00 Rs.119.00
Third Hand holder + Magnifier
Third Hand with Magnifier, Light & Solder Stand For a quick circuiting & soldering, t..
Rs.890.00 Rs.789.00
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