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XBee 2mW Wire Antenna - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh) [Original - Free Shipping]
XBee Module ZB Series 2 C - 2mW with Wire Antenna - XB24-Z7WIT-004 [High Quality] This is..
Rs.1,200.00 Rs.1,000.00
Speaker - 8 ohm /25W (4inch Speaker)
Speaker 8 Ohm /25W (4" Speaker) General Description Good performance, generally used for ..
Rs.199.00 Rs.150.00
Needle Nose Pliers - Mini (Small/Short Jaws)
Needle Nose Pliers - Mini/Short Jaws Generally used in electronics wire work and jewellery wo..
Rs.185.00 Rs.110.00
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MJ15003 NPN Power Transistor + MJ15004 PNP Power Transistor
MJ15003 NPN & MJ15004 PNP (Pair) Power Transistor The MJ15003 and MJ15004 are PowerBase p..
Rs.515.00 Rs.481.00
DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board)
DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board) Description The new DS1307 Real Time Cl..
Rs.149.00 Rs.135.00
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Doat: Breadboard - WB-102 - Original [High Quality]
Doat Breadboard - WB-102 [Original] General Description A breadboard (protoboard) is a co..
Rs.250.00 Rs.215.00
PIR Motion Sensor (Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor)
PIR Motion Sensor High sensitive passive infrared sensor (Pyroelectric infrared sensor). ..
Rs.270.00 Rs.195.00
USB A 2.0 Female connector / pcb type [High Quality]
USB 2.0 PCB connector Specification & Feature Feature a nickel-plated outer shiel..
Rs.15.00 Rs.10.00
DPDT 5V 1A DIP Relay
DPDT 5V 1A DIP Relay Features Low Coil Current Consumption RoHS Compliant ..
Rs.50.00 Rs.45.00
AVR USB Programmer
AVR USB USB Programmer General Description UAVR USB programmer is an in-circuit pogrammer..
Rs.750.00 Rs.650.00
UltraSonic Distance Sensor Module
Ultra Sonic Distance Sensor Module Description This ultrasonic sensor module can be used ..
Rs.359.00 Rs.259.00
10,000uF/63V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (10000uf / 63 volt)
Product Specifications 10,000uF 63V ±20% Tolerance +85°C Max Temperatur..
Rs.145.00 Rs.135.00
12W Micro Soldering Station - Controlled Soldering (SMD) - High Quality
12W Micro Soldering Iron - Pointed Tip [OSWAL - Original] Generally used for SMD, micro elect..
Rs.500.00 Rs.465.00
Hot Melt Glue Gun - 100W (High Quality & high power)
Hot Melt Glue Gun - 100W (High Quality + High Power) Genrally used for most of the adhesive f..
Rs.655.00 Rs.629.00
Soldering Iron (50W) - [Soldron]
Soldering Iron (50W) - Normal Tip [SOLDRON] Generally used for most of the components solderi..
Rs.320.00 Rs.310.00
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