RF Transmitter & Receiver - 433 MHz (ASK)

RF Transmitter & Receiver - 433 MHz (ASK)

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RF Transmitter & Reciever - 433Mhz (ASK) Transmitte...
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RF Transmitter & Reciever - 433Mhz (ASK)

This is an ideal for remote control applications where low cost and longer range is required. The transmitter operates from a 3-12V supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. The transmitter employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance.
Range of transmitter is approx 100 meters.
RF Transmitter 433Mhz ASK Features:
  • Frequency Range: 433.92 MHZ.
  • Supply Voltage: 3~12V.
  • Output Power : 4~16dBm
This is an Hybrid 433Mhz RF receiver module and is ideal for short-range wireless control applications where quality is a primary concern.The receiver module requires no external RF components except for the antenna. The super-regenerative design exhibits exceptional sensitivity at a very low cost.
RF Receiver 433Mhz ASK Features:
  • Integrated IF and data filters.
  • Receiver Frequency:  433.92 MHZ
  • Typical sensitivity: -110dBm
  • Supply Current: 2.85mA
  • IF Frequency: 280KHz
  • Low power consumption.
  • Operation voltage: 5 Volts.

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