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34063 DC to DC Converter
DC to DC Converter Control Circuits General Description The 34063 is a monolithic control..
L293D - H-Bridge Motor Driver
PUSH-PULL Four Channel Driver With Diodes General Description The Device is a monolithic ..
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L298N - Dual full-Bridge motor Driver [Original]
L298N - Dual full-Bridge Driver [Original] General Description The L298 is an integrated ..
LM3886 High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier w/Mute
LM3886 : High performance Stereo Audio Amplifier General Description The LM3886 is a ..
TDA2002V 8-Watt Audio High Power Amplifier
TDA2002 : 8W Audio Power Amplifier Specification/Features Reduced Size and Space..
TDA2030 18W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier
TDA2030A : 18W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier General Description The TDA2030A is a mono..
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TDA7294 100V 100W DMOS Audio Amplifier
TDA7294 : 100V/100W Dmos Audio Amplifier General Description The TDA7294 is a monolit..
TDA7379 38W x2 Stereo Audio Amplifier
TDA7379 : 38Wx2 Stereo Audio Amplifier General Description The TDA7379 is a new technolog..
UPC1185 H2 Dual-Channel Audio Power-Output Amplifier (Equ. NTE1293)
UPC1185 : High performance Dual Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier [UPC1185 NTE Equivalent NTE1293 IC..
VIPer22A - SMPS 20W SMART (Original)
VIPer22A - SMPS 20W Smart (Low power OFF-line SMPS primary switcher) The VIPer22A-E comb..
CXA1619 FM Stereo AM Radio IC (SMD)
CXA1619 - FM Stereo / AM Radio IC [SONY] - 28pin SOP General Description CXA1619AM/AS is ..
FT232RL - USB to Serial UART IC (SSOP-28)
FT232RL - USB to Serial UART Interface   Features Single chip USB to asynchr..
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IR2153 - Self-Oscillating Half-Bridge Driver IC (high voltage current)
General Description The IR2153 is an improved version of the popular IR2155 and IR2151 gate d..
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LM8560 - Digital Alarm Clock
LM8560-Digital Alarm Clock (Original - Last Stock)   General Description ..
MAX232 - Dual Driver/Receiver
Multichannel RS-232 Transceiver   Features Superior to bipolar 120kbit..
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