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5pcs : PG-7 PG Cable Gland - Polyamide (Pg 7) [Grey] IP68 Water proof [High Quality]

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PG-7 :  PG Cable Gland [High Quality- Original]

General Description

This is a Nylon 66 cable glands offering excellent strain relief and cable protection. Cable glands allow you to mount a cable into a pre-drilled hole. Commonly used within construction and by electrical engineers, cable glands are simple and easy to use. Each gland is rated as IP68, ensuring the level of cable protection is incredibly resilient to the outdoors and other harsh environments. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Various threads are available
  • Completely sealed against dust
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Locknut supplied
  • Made with high quality Nylon 66
  • UL Standard


  • Attribute :Valve
  • Thread Size :PG 7
  • Material :Nylon 66
  • Maximum Cable Diameter :6.5mm
  • Minimum Cable Diameter :3mm
  • Tap Hole Drill Bit  :11mm (7/16")
  • Pass Hole Drill Bit :12mm (15/32")
  • Colour :Grey
  • IP Rating :IP68
  • Standards Met :UL 94 V-2

What kind of protection is available on these glands?

Rated at IP68, the level of protection provided by these glands are valuable to almost any environment. With a water tight seal and excellent durability, certain possible problems like dust or water will become non-issues to any application. Keeping the cable secure and protected from various outcomes.

What is a cable gland?

Cable glands are a standard cable entry device. They are handy accessories for ensuring a tight seal and complete protection from the area which the cable is feeding into. They work by being screwed into an already threaded hole or socket. The wire, still sealing the wall or enclosure, will then enter through the carefully sized hole. These particular cable glands are rated at IP68, which provide excellent use within indoor or outdoor environments.

What are cable glands used for?

There are various types of applications which would benefit from, or require a cable gland. Used by electrical engineers who need to run cables and wires through to an area which will need to be enclosed or sealed. There are white and black versions available for applications that need to keep to a specific design. As an example, some of the uses of cable glands would be:

• Machinery with delicate internals

• Telecommunications

• Flow meters

• Underwater power generators

Package Includes: 5 x PG-7 :  PG Cable Gland [High Quality]

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