Speaker Wires: TPW 19/38 [Thin, Heavy & High Quality] [1Meter / Quantity]

Speaker Wires: TPW 19/38 [Thin, Heavy & High Quality] [1Meter / Quantity]

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Product Description

Speaker Cables: TPW 19/38 (TP:1.60mm) [1Meter per Quantity]

High quality thin (1.60mm OD) cable specially designed for high quality output. Speaker cables are used to link speakers with receivers or power amplifiers.The ultra low inductance ensures that the high current signal flowing through these cables will lose minimal amount of energy. Better polarity is achieved by transparent coating with red line on one side. For better results, while manufacturing cables, we use high conductivity copper which is 99.95% pure and makes audio cable performance comparable to that of oxygen free copper cable.

  • Alternate for : Sony, Panasonic & Philips Cables
  • No. of Strands (SWG):19/38 [19]
  • Cond. Size in mm:0.15
  • Area(Sqmm): 0.34
  • Cr. At 20ºC Ω/Km: 57.80 and @34ºC Rd:4.92 (C.R) TP:4.92 (C.R)
  • Maximum (single length / Quantity):90Mts
  • Color: Transparent with red line

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