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( Author: Baala from BLR ) August 23, 2017, 4:00 pm Average Rating: %s out of 5 Stars!
Ref: Invoice No.: 0346 Order ID: #64954 Date Added: 22/08/2017 Good Quality Stuff; Especially 12W Soldering station. All 10 items I ordered reached good. Good packing too. The best is REAL QUICK delivery! Once ordered in 15 Mins I rcvd SMS with FedEx Tracking and I rcvd the Item in 24 Hrs.!!! Real Awesome! Area to improve: 1. Communication was pain, as ONLY 1 tel line and 90% it is engaged! 2. Post REAL pics that too in multiples to help make decision. 3. Post Max Tech Specs so that one need to interact (call) minimal. 4. Try yo make simple / Comprehensive / Ultimate Kits with discounts!!! Thnx.