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PIC12F675 Microcontroller
PIC12F675 - Flash 8-pin 1kb 4MHz Microcontroller Fetures High-Performance RISC..
Rs.75.00 Rs.69.00
12V DC Fan - 1.5" : Brushless Cooling Fan [High Quality]
12Volt DC Fan - 1.5*1.5 inch Brushless Fan Generally used in system, panel box etc to keep th..
Rs.79.00 Rs.67.00
Digital Multimeter - MAS830L (Mastech) [Original]
Digital Multimeter - MAS830L (MASTECH - Orginal) - High quality Features Pocket Size ..
Rs.650.00 Rs.625.00
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150 RPM Straight DC Geared BO motor Single Shaft
Straight BO Motor with 150 RPM plastic Geared (DC motor) for Arduino / Rasberry pi / Robotics ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
Group of 10 Types of LEDs (50 nos)
Mixed 10 Types of LED - (5 piece each) Each LED type packed separetely for easy usage ..
Rs.95.00 Rs.79.00
LPG Gas Sensor Module
LPG Gas Sensor Module General Description The LPG Gas sensor Module for use in Home o..
Rs.255.00 Rs.199.00
CR2450 Renata - Lithium Battery Micro Cell (3V)
3V Renata CR2450HT - Lithium Battery : Micro Lithium Cell General Description These are g..
Rs.150.00 Rs.125.00
Hot Melt Glue Gun - 100W (High Quality & high power)
Hot Melt Glue Gun - 100W (High Quality + High Power) Genrally used for most of the adhesive f..
Rs.655.00 Rs.629.00
PCB Hand Drill (Spiral Push Drill)
PCB Hand Drill (Spiral Push Drill) A Small Hand Drill which Is operated by depressing the bod..
Rs.129.00 Rs.105.00
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DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board)
DS1307 - Real Time Clock Module (Break out board) Description The new DS1307 Real Time Cl..
Rs.149.00 Rs.135.00
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FT232RL - USB to Serial UART IC (SSOP-28)
FT232RL - USB to Serial UART Interface   Features Single chip USB to asynchr..
Rs.260.00 Rs.250.00
CR123A Panasonic - Lithium Battery (3V) [Original]
3V Panasonic CR123A - Lithium Battery [Original] General Description These are generally ..
Rs.360.00 Rs.329.00
DC Mini Toy Motor - Type3 [High SPeed]
Tiny DC Toy Motor [New] General Description DC motor used for vaious applications like ro..
Rs.35.00 Rs.29.00
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L293D - H-Bridge Motor Driver
PUSH-PULL Four Channel Driver With Diodes General Description The Device is a monolithic ..
Rs.68.00 Rs.59.00
Super Capacitor - 5.5v / 1F (High Quality)
1F/5.5V Super Capacitor   Super capacitors are perfect for applications where the ca..
Rs.140.00 Rs.119.00