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Round Solder Pot Soldering - 150W : Max Temp 450C Heavy [Original - Free Shipping]
Solder Pot Round Shape - 150W : Temp 450C Specifications & Features Pot material:..
Rs.1,400.00 Rs.1,000.00
MJ15003 NPN Power Transistor + MJ15004 PNP Power Transistor
MJ15003 NPN & MJ15004 PNP (Pair) Power Transistor The MJ15003 and MJ15004 are PowerBase p..
Rs.375.00 Rs.365.00
Long Needle Nose Pliers (Heavy)
Long Needle Nose Pliers - Heavy Professional tool Nose Pliers is a must have for hobbyist or ..
Rs.189.00 Rs.149.00
PIR Motion Sensor (Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor)
PIR Motion Sensor High sensitive passive infrared sensor (Pyroelectric infrared sensor). ..
Rs.270.00 Rs.195.00
Soldering Iron (25W) - [Soldron]
Soldering Iron (25W) - Normal Tip [SOLDRON] Generally used for most of the components solderi..
Rs.265.00 Rs.259.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Digital Multimeter - DT830D
Digital Multimeter - DT830 D General Description The DT830D Digital Multimeter is a very ..
Rs.250.00 Rs.189.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Long Needle Nose Pliers (Long Jaws)
Long Needle Nose Pliers - Long Jaws Generally used in electronics wire work and jewellery wor..
Rs.199.00 Rs.125.00
12W Micro Soldering Station - Controlled Soldering (SMD) - High Quality
12W Micro Soldering Iron - Pointed Tip [OSWAL - Original] Generally used for SMD, micro elect..
Rs.500.00 Rs.465.00
IRFP460 MOSFET N Channel Transistor [Original IRF]
IRFP460 - MOSFET N Channel Power Transistor [International Rectifier] The HEXFET technology i..
Rs.169.00 Rs.135.00
Wire Cutter & Stripper [High Quality]
Wire Cutter & Stripper [High Quality - Original from PYE tools] Generally used for stripp..
Rs.51.00 Rs.48.00
100 RPM Straight DC Geared BO motor Single Shaft
Straight BO Motor with 100 RPM plastic Geared (DC motor) for Arduino / Rasberry pi / Robotics ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
Atmel 8051 USB programmer
Atmel 8051 USB Programmer (EEPROM programmer) & USB Cable General Description USB 805..
Rs.1,600.00 Rs.1,400.00
Based on 5 reviews.
DPDT 5V 1A DIP Relay
DPDT 5V 1A DIP Relay Features Low Coil Current Consumption RoHS Compliant ..
Rs.50.00 Rs.45.00
Hot Melt Glue Gun (High Quality)
Hot Melt Glue Gun (High Quality) Genrally used for most of the adhesive fixing, also used in ..
Rs.438.00 Rs.409.00
Based on 2 reviews.
8 Channel Relay Board - 12V
8-Channel Relay Board [12V] This is a 8 channel relay board operates on 12V. Can be used ..
Rs.335.00 Rs.320.00