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9v Rechargeable Battery 250mAh - Vipow[Original]
9v Rechargeable Battery 300mAh - Vipow Feature Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries Env..
Rs.275.00 Rs.245.00
UltraSonic Distance Sensor Module
Ultra Sonic Distance Sensor Module Description This ultrasonic sensor module can be used ..
Rs.359.00 Rs.259.00
Wish: Breadboard - WB-102 - [High Quality]
Wish Breadboard - WB-102 [Original] General Description A breadboard (protoboard) is a co..
Rs.220.00 Rs.175.00
Solder Wire Pack - 50Gm (High Quality)
Solder Wire - Pack 50Gm Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering. Best quality for all typ..
Rs.95.00 Rs.90.00
24V - 3Amp Transformer (230V to 24V) [Heavy Duty]
24v 3A Transformer [High Quality] Good Quality Transformer, power supplies for all kinds of p..
Rs.557.00 Rs.510.00
AVR USB Programmer
AVR USB USB Programmer General Description UAVR USB programmer is an in-circuit pogrammer..
Rs.750.00 Rs.650.00
USB 2.0 to UART : CP2102 - Serial RS232 TTL converter module + USB cable
USB to DB9 Serial Converter Module (TTL) : CP2101 Description CP1202 USB UART converter m..
Rs.299.00 Rs.199.00
Doat: Breadboard - WB-102 - Original [High Quality]
Doat Breadboard - WB-102 [Original] General Description A breadboard (protoboard) is a co..
Rs.250.00 Rs.210.00
PIR Motion Sensor Module [High Quality]
PIR Motion Sensor Module [Original] High sensitive passive infrared motion sensor with stable..
Rs.253.00 Rs.195.00
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300 RPM Rectangle DC Geared BO Motor Single Shaft
Rectangle BO Motor with 300 RPM plastic Geared (DC motor) for Arduino / Rasberry pi / Robotics ..
Rs.125.00 Rs.99.00
Laser Diode [Red Laser] - 6mm OD - 5V
RED Laser Diode (laser collimator, laser pointer) Red Laser diode, this is a very small coppe..
Rs.115.00 Rs.89.00
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality]
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality] Features High Current Contacts RoHS Compli..
Rs.25.00 Rs.19.00
MJ15003 NPN Power Transistor + MJ15004 PNP Power Transistor
MJ15003 NPN & MJ15004 PNP (Pair) Power Transistor The MJ15003 and MJ15004 are PowerBase p..
Rs.455.00 Rs.415.00
12W Micro Soldering Station - Controlled Soldering (SMD) - High Quality
12W Micro Soldering Iron - Pointed Tip [OSWAL - Original] Generally used for SMD, micro elect..
Rs.500.00 Rs.465.00
Soldering Iron (50W) - [Soldron]
Soldering Iron (50W) - Normal Tip [SOLDRON] Generally used for most of the components solderi..
Rs.320.00 Rs.310.00
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