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Digital Multimeter - DT830D
Digital Multimeter - DT830 D General Description The DT830D Digital Multimeter is a very ..
Rs.250.00 Rs.189.00
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Soldering Iron (25W) - Low Cost
Soldering Iron (25W) - Normal Tip Generally used for most of the components soldering. Compat..
Rs.105.00 Rs.99.00
Group of 10 types of Transistors
Mixed Transistor 10 types (each 5 pieces) Essential transistor for all basic & advance ci..
Rs.150.00 Rs.139.00
XBee 2mW Wire Antenna - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh) [Original - Free Shipping]
XBee Module ZB Series 2 C - 2mW with Wire Antenna - XB24-Z7WIT-004 [High Quality] This is..
Rs.1,229.00 Rs.1,129.00
Solder Wire Pack - 50Gm (High Quality)
Solder Wire - Pack 50Gm Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering.   *Image sh..
Rs.90.00 Rs.79.00
RF Encoder Decoder - (Tx-Rx) Module Board [High Quality]
RF Encode + Decoder Module Boards (set) Feature Easy interfacing with the RF modules,..
Rs.180.00 Rs.159.00
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality]
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality] Features High Current Contacts RoHS Compli..
Rs.25.00 Rs.19.00
PICKIT2 USB Programmer with USB Cable [Free Shipping]
PICKIT2 USB Programmer / Debugger with Adapter(Demo board) & USB Cable General Descriptio..
Rs.1,199.00 Rs.1,049.00
USB A 2.0 Female connector / pcb type [High Quality]
USB 2.0 PCB connector Specification & Feature Feature a nickel-plated outer shiel..
Rs.15.00 Rs.10.00
LM358 -(SMD/SMT) Low Power Dual Op-Amp
Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers - SMD package (Original)   General Des..
Rs.15.00 Rs.12.50
Hacksaw Frame with Blade - 6" [High Quality]
Hacksaw Frame with Blade - 6" [High Quality] Generally used for all types of cuttings, includ..
Rs.155.00 Rs.140.00
2 Channel Relay Board - 5V
2-Channel Relay Board [5V] This is a 2 channel relay board operates on 5V. Can be used di..
Rs.100.00 Rs.99.00
12W Micro Soldering Station - Controlled Soldering (SMD) - High Quality
12W Micro Soldering Iron - Pointed Tip [OSWAL - Original] Generally used for SMD, micro elect..
Rs.500.00 Rs.465.00
24V - 3Amp Transformer (230V to 24V) [Heavy Duty]
24v 3A Transformer [High Quality] Good Quality Transformer, power supplies for all kinds of p..
Rs.557.00 Rs.510.00
SPDT 12V 5A PCB Relay [High Quality]
SPDT 12V 5A PCB Relay Features High Current Contacts RoHS Compliant Compa..
Rs.37.00 Rs.29.00