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Group of 10 types of Transistors
Mixed Transistor 10 types (each 5 pieces) Essential transistor for all basic & advance ci..
Rs.150.00 Rs.139.00
12 Key - 4x3 Matrix - Membrane Type Keypad
Membrane Type Keypad - 4X3 Matrix (12key) Specifications 4 x 3 Matrix Membrane K..
Rs.160.00 Rs.139.00
Atmega328P - PU Microcontroller [Original]
Atmega328P - PU - 28Pins 20MHz 32kb 8-bit Microcontroller Features High-perfor..
Rs.250.00 Rs.199.00
PIC18F4620 Flash 40-pin 64kB Microcontroller
PIC18F4620 Flash 40-pin 64kB 40MHz Microcontroller (Microchip - Original) Specifications ..
Rs.395.00 Rs.369.00
LPG Gas Sensor Module
LPG Gas Sensor Module General Description The LPG Gas sensor Module for use in Home o..
Rs.255.00 Rs.199.00
UltraSonic Sensor Pair (Transmitter & Receiver) : 40khz Transducer
UltraSonic Sensor Pair (Transmitter & Receiver) : Transducer Pair Pair of Ultrasonic comp..
Rs.210.00 Rs.190.00
Atmel 8051 USB programmer
Atmel 8051 USB Programmer (EEPROM programmer) & USB Cable General Description USB 805..
Rs.1,600.00 Rs.1,400.00
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Third Hand holder + Magnifier
Third Hand with Magnifier, Light & Solder Stand For a quick circuiting & soldering, t..
Rs.890.00 Rs.789.00
Based on 3 reviews.
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality]
SPDT 12V 7A PCB Relay [High Quality] Features High Current Contacts RoHS Compli..
Rs.25.00 Rs.19.00
PIC12F675 Microcontroller
PIC12F675 - Flash 8-pin 1kb 4MHz Microcontroller Fetures High-Performance RISC..
Rs.75.00 Rs.69.00
8 Channel Relay Board with IR Remote control
8-Channel Relay Board with IR Remote This is a 8 channel relay board operates on 12V. Can..
Rs.550.00 Rs.535.00
Doat: Breadboard - WB-102 - Original [High Quality]
Doat Breadboard - WB-102 [Original] General Description A breadboard (protoboard) is a co..
Rs.250.00 Rs.210.00
Long Needle Nose Pliers (Heavy)
Long Needle Nose Pliers - Heavy Professional tool Nose Pliers is a must have for hobbyist or ..
Rs.189.00 Rs.149.00
12W Micro Soldering Station - Controlled Soldering (SMD) - High Quality
12W Micro Soldering Iron - Pointed Tip [OSWAL - Original] Generally used for SMD, micro elect..
Rs.500.00 Rs.465.00
Solder Wire Pack - 50Gm (High Quality)
Solder Wire - Pack 50Gm Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering.   *Image sh..
Rs.90.00 Rs.79.00